Areas of Focus/Types of Searches

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  • Entertainment/Production Studios, Media Services, Animation/VFX, Post Production
  • Broadcast, Cable, OTT, Content Creation, Distribution, Online Channels, Ad/Marketing Agencies
  • Consumer Electronics, E-commerce, Online B2B & B2C, Digital/New Media including games, video, mobile, social
  • Technology Companies including Adtech, FinTech, MarTech, EdTech, Big Data, platforms, software, cloud-based, convergence, VR/AR
  • CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Supply-chain
  • Investment Banking/Private Equity/Venture investments in portfolio companies

Types of search assignment verticals:

  • CEO, President
  • Chief Operating Officer, VP, Operations, General Manager
  • Chief Digital Officer/Head of Online, Chief Creative Officer, Head of E-Commerce
  • Chief Revenue Officer/Head of Sales, Head of Partnerships, VP & Director, Sales
  • CMO/VP/Head of Marketing (including Product Marketing)
  • Chief Product Officer, Head of Product, VP, Director, Product
  • CFO, CAO, VP Finance, Head of Business Development/Strategy, Controller
  • Technology – CTO, CIO, VP, IT, Head of Production
  • Chief Legal Counsel/Human Resources