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  • Kick Off Meeting(s)
  • Discuss organization’s business, culture, strategic objectives and values
  • Determine key functional responsibilities, performance goals, business objectives, required and preferred characteristics of the ideal candidate
  • Define research strategy, target profiles and develop Position Spec
  • Identify search committee
  • Establish search update protocols
  • Begin planned outreach program to target market(s) per Position Spec requirement
  • Map prospective candidate profiles to Position Spec; determine core competencies relative to search profile objectives
  • Benchmark resumes and review with client
  • Due diligence interviews by TWG – telephone, video and in-person to ensure culture fit
  • Begin staging client interviews
  • Facilitate interviews with short-list relevant candidates
  • Prepare and manage candidates throughout the process to maximize outcome
  • Continuously keep client apprised of key data points, influencers, changes that potentially affect desired outcome
  • Begin reference and background checks
  • TWG will facilitate negotiation of the offer: (compensation, bonus, equity, benefits, and other potential perks)
  • Develop smooth transition plan for candidate’s on-boarding
  • Ensure client satisfaction with strategic follow-up plans for both candidate and client